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to our world above the ground

Air Traffic Management

Our Air Traffic Management portfolio is of modular basis giving the customer a flexibility of adding new modules or upgrading when needed for future expansion. It’s design from concept to release is developed under the customer requirements for integration into his existing infrastructure while providing interfaces to third parties equipment. All ATC/ATM products delivered by R-SYS are developed in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL requirements.
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3R System

Digital recording & replay systems supplied by R-SYS serve for creation, management and storage of time synchronized records documenting a performance of the user operational environment through recording of audio channels, video channels (tracing actions performed at operator WP), LAN/WAN data, and analogue or digital output of special equipment (e.g. radars). The stored record files can, thereafter, be retrieved and replayed for review and investigation of unusual events or accidents. They also can be used for on-the-job training of operational personnel.
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IXO System

IXO SYSTEM represents a complex solution for an airspace users and providers looking for a product seamlessly integrating information on manned and unmanned aircraft operations in the sky and providing aeronautical information in real time to be shared to all airspace users. Through application of the latest regulations on flight planning, airspace usage conflict calculation, RPAS flight validation/clearance processing, manned/unmanned aircraft management, or aeronautical data provision.
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