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Privacy Policy of IXO RPAS mobile apps, reflecting GDPR data processing.

  1. Please be informed that an online registration is required for the usage of the app. You can complete the registration by providing your personal data specified under paragraph (a). The data provided during registration will be handled by R-SYS, s.r.o. Slovakia, EU under the following terms and conditions:
    1. Processed data: name, password, address, e-mail address, phone number, license number, drone registration number;
    2. Data controller: R-SYS, s.r.o. (registered office: Rybárska 7389, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovakia Website:, e-mail:;
    3. Purpose of data processing: management of UAT;
    4. Legal basis of data processing: the Applicant’s voluntary consent;
    5. Method of data processing: electronic data storage, transfer of data to the aviation authority for purpose of investigation of flight incidents, data deletion;
    6. Data retention time: until withdrawal of the consent, but for the maximum of 20 years following registration;
    7. Data Processor: R-SYS, s.r.o. does not employ data processors for the processing.
  2. Data security measures
    1. Please be informed that the personal data are kept confidential by R-SYS, s.r.o. and these personal data are disclosed only to the associates involved in performance of the above tasks. The data shall not be transferred by R-SYS, s.r.o. to third parties without your consent and without providing prior notice thereof to you, except for the statutory data provision to authorities and other bodies based on legislation.
    2. R-SYS, s.r.o. shall store the personal data electronically, on the servers located in the closed premises of its registered seat (Rybárska 7389, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovakia) and also on the servers of the Data Processor. In the course of processing of personal data, R-SYS, s.r.o. – in line with the applicable legislation – takes such risk proportionate administrative and technical measures that prevent unauthorized and unlawful access to and modification, transfer, disclosure and deletion of the personal data and also ensure verifiability throughout the data processing actions. R-SYS, s.r.o. also ensures that the data stored in the systems shall not be matched in a direct manner, or identified with the individual data subjects.
  3. Rights and legal remedies concerning data management, contact
    1. Please be informed that you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data, if:
      1. processing of the personal data is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of an official authority or processing is necessary for the enforcement of the legitimate interests of R-SYS, s.r.o. or any third parties;
      2. processing of the personal data is carried out for direct marketing purposes or profiling with a direct marketing purpose;
      3. processing of the personal data is carried out for scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes, which are necessary for execution of a task not in the public interest.
      R-SYS, s.r.o. shall examine the objection as soon as possible, but within 15 days from submission of the request at the latest, and shall decide whether such objection is well-founded or not and shall inform the complainant about its decision in writing. If R-SYS, s.r.o. finds that the objection is well-founded, it shall terminate the processing, including further data collection and data transfer, and block the data, and shall inform about the objection and the measures taken based on the objection all the entities to whom it previously transferred the personal data subjected by the objection, and these entities, in turn, shall be obliged to take the necessary measures to enforce the right to objection.
    2. Please be informed that you have the right to ask R-SYS, s.r.o. to provide your personal data and the information related to processing thereof to you. You may ask for copies of the personal data as long as requesting such copies does not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others. Requesting of copies shall be free of charge on the first occasion, whereas R-SYS, s.r.o. may charge a fee based on administrative costs for every further copy.
    3. Please be informed that you have the right to request the clarification, correction, or supplementation of your personal data by sending a declaration, as long as the data are inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete.
    4. Please be informed that R-SYS, s.r.o. shall restricts processing upon your request, if:
      1. You contest the accuracy of data and the verification of data is in progress;
      2. processing is unlawful, but instead of deletion, you request the restriction of processing;
      3. the purpose of processing has been terminated, but you claim the data for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims; or
      4. You filed an objection against the processing and the assessment of such objection is currently in progress.
      In the event R-SYS, s.r.o. lifts the restriction of processing, you shall be informed thereof in advance.
    5. Please be informed that R-SYS, s.r.o. shall delete the processed personal data upon your request, if:
      1. processing is unlawful;
      2. the purpose of processing has been terminated or no further processing of data is required for attainment of the purpose;
      3. You withdrew your consent and there is no other legal basis for the processing;
      4. the statutory data retention period has expired;
      5. the deletion of the data was ordered by law, authority or court;
      6. You objected to the processing and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing.
    6. Please be informed that upon your request, R-SYS, s.r.o. will transfer your personal data to you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, or – if it is technically feasible – will transmit these data to another data controller or ensure to you the option of transmission. Please be informed that the transfer or transmission of data cannot be ensured if the data needs to be deleted or if the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of an official authority.
    7. If you do not give your consent to the processing or withdraw your consent, you are not allowed to participate in the selection process.
    8. Please be informed that you may claim damages or aggravated damages (compensation for injury to feelings) for the damages incurred as a result of unlawful processing or violation of requirements related to data security or for personality right related damages.
    9. R-SYS, s.r.o. shall assess the request submitted by the data subject for enforcement of their rights, as soon as possible, but within 25 days the latest, and shall inform the data subject about its decision in writing or – if the data subject submitted their request electronically – in an electronic way. R-SYS, s.r.o. may delay the provision of information on the enforcement of rights for reasons specified under law, proportionately to the goal wished to be achieved, and may restrict the contents of the information and may also refrain from providing the information. If you submit a repeated request in the same year for the same scope of data, and the underlying reason is not that the data are required to be corrected, deleted or restricted due to the omission or failure of R-SYS, s.r.o., the Company may ask for reimbursement of its costs incurred in relation to the fulfilment of the request.
    10. For data processing related issues not included in this Notice, the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC shall be applied.