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AIS Data Management

from paper to digital

IXO AIS, an aeronautical information service, is responsible for a timely flow of accurate information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of air traffic.  It lets you to access and manage data necessary for a preparation and a safe conduct of flights.

IXO AIS Data Management allows you to:

  • Maintain, download and report static data (SDO)
  • Import, maintain and distribute AIP library data
  • Maintain local database of aerodromes and waypoints
  • Create user-defined map layout datasets
  • Manage and maintain AIS database/dataset (view, edit, export/import)
  • Visualize static/dynamic data on a set of individual map layers
  • Support open standard interfaces (WMS, WFS) for external data source connection

IXO AIS visualizes required data in multiple formats, such as:

  • Overlays (AIS static and dynamic data, such as AIXM, METEO, FUA data, etc.) displayed in selected base map layers
  • SDO objects/entities based on user-defined filtering criteria
  • Hide/Show functionality to display individual layers/objects
  • Feature Info panel providing information on an object selected on a map
  • Up-to-date NOTAMs, AUP/UUP messages
  • Real-time georeferenced data presentation of:
    • NOTAM, SNOWTAM, SIGMET, METAR, TAF messages in text format
    • FUA areas displayed in a map
    • AUP/UUP messages
    • Weather map layer including weather phenomena symbols
    • Weather radar layer, thunderstorm/lightning layer
  • Measurement tools