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IXO ARO application has been specifically designed for ATS Reporting Office (ARO/CARO) purposes to enable handling of flight plans and related information within IXO SYSTEM and its interfaces. IXO ARO was developed in close cooperation with several European ANSPs.

IXO ARO processes, presents and distributes FPL-related information within IXO SYSTEM so that it is available to all AFTN users. Moreover, IXO ARO offers to automatically generate Pre-flight Information Bulletin for a planned flight.

IXO ARO includes:

  • Creation, validation and distribution of FPLs
  • Management of repetitive FPLs
  • Management of client information and AFTN addresses
  • Monitoring of the real traffic situation
  • Identification of different FPL statuses
  • Management of incoming/outgoing messages
  • Visualization of AIS information

Furthermore, the FPL module of IXO ARO enables its users to create new FPLs, manage flight routes, pre-validate FPLs by SDO data and IFPUV, archive the FPLs, send FPL via AFTN, generate PIB, create AFTN addressee groups, etc.