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IXO U-Space IXO U-Space

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U-Space solution for public users, UAS operators, ANSPs and authorities

Our products

IXO U-Space – Your drone zone planner

Do you want to fly a drone and unsure if it’s safe to fly in the city? Recommended for all UAS users.


*Caution: The applications are intended for demonstration only and are not to be used for operational purposes.

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IXO PILOT – Your flight planner

Do you fly VFR or IFR and need an all-in-one solution to plan your flights?

Enjoy our interactive flight planning/pre-flight briefing application based on valid ANSPs and EAD data.

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From paper to digital

IXO AIS evolved from a paper product-centric service to a data-centric aeronautical information management system.

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FPL management

IXO ARO allows you to manage routes, pre-validate the FPL against SDO data and IPFUV, save it in the FPL list, send via AFTN, and generate a PIB for a specific FPL.

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NOTAM Office

IXO NOF is an application that was specifically designed to create, edit and view NOTAM messages.

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